Meeting Our Mission Through a Common Understanding: A Health Equity Education Initiative

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Meeting Our Mission Through a Common Understanding: A Health Equity Education Initiative Meeting Our Mission Through a Common Understanding: A Health Equity Education Initiative Presently, there is dearth of consistent formal education in health care disparities, health equity, cultural humility, implicit bias or the social determinants of health at the CME level or the GME level for medical staff including faculty, trainees and ancillary providers at . These areas of study have become increasingly important in our era of health care delivery and are vastly under-recognized and under-appreciatedespecially against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. By contrast, the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine (MCSoM) has recognized the value in conveying this content knowledge to their medical students, formally designating these topics as mandatory curricular offerings. Unfortunately, this curriculum has not been translated into widely available educational programs offered to our medical staff and, as such, represents a vital missed opportunity in our shared understanding and education. The ability to understand patients socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, health literacy, and other social determinants that impact their health will be vital for our medical staff to be able to provide patient centered care to communities we serve, while also helping to fulfill Mayo Clinics commitment to be a place of equity, inclusion and opportunity for all. A multi-platform, case-based curriculum will be formatted whereby online modules and in-person lectures (as possible) are delivered on the topics of health and health care disparities, cultural humility, health literacy, implicit bias, and the social determinants of health. Online modules will include multimedia tools such as interactive videos, lectures, discussion boards and assessments. In-person lectures will utilize didactic presentations, group discussions, and problem-based learning activities. This curriculum will be built upon the success of similar educational initiatives already taking place within the Mayo enterprise. This includes Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicines collaboration with Arizona State University for a Certificate in the Science of Health Care Delivery which includes coursework delivered by Dr. Reddy in the social determinants of health, health disparities, health policy, unconscious bias and the role of physician leadership and advocacy to increase health equity. Also, Drs. Reddy and Umar are also presently principal investigators in the delivery of an innovative, year-long pilot health equity curriculum virtual curriculum and research project to more than 100 medical providers, trainees, and research staff through the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Arizona. The project proposed here would build upon the successes of that program by reaching a larger population on the Arizona campusthereby improving its inclusivity and impact.
Effective start/end date6/11/2112/31/21


  • Mayo Clinic Arizona: $26,035.00


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