Mechanisms of regualtion of ethanol intakeby lateral habenula

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Mechanisms of regualtion of ethanol intakeby lateral habenula Mechanisms of lateral habenula regualtion of ethanol intake Dr. Olive has 20 years of experience with in vivo microdialysis and HPLC techniques and will supervise the Research Technician in conducting the ethanol consumption, microdialysis, neurotransmitter quantification, and histology procedures. He will be in contact weekly with Dr. Ye with regards to progress on the studies and will meet with Dr. Ye twice yearly at the annual Society for Neuroscience and Research Society on Alcoholism meetings. He will provide Dr. Ye with data from the studies and assist in writing progress reports and manuscripts for publication.
Effective start/end date4/1/143/31/15


  • HHS-NIH: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism (NIAA): $30,575.00


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