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Mayo Small Grant Applications Mayo Small Grant Applications 1. Complete a process mapping model that will ultimately be used to (a) simplify the whole chemotherapy agent planning and implementation process, (b) identify ways to make the process proactive rather than reactive, and (c) facilitate a scenario-planning aspect of our proposed DSS. 2. Develop a discrete event simulation model of the Mayo oncology process based on the process mapping model from part 1 above. 3. Develop a prototype DSS to facilitate adoption and integration of new chemotherapy agents, and implement the proposed DSS for validation and improvement purposes. This necessitates specific analytical tools that will be custom-tailored to address Mayo Clinic's operational and clinical requirements in utilizing new chemotherapy agents. The ultimate goal is to enable the portability of the DSS to other Mayo sites and to other healthcare systems outside of Mayo Clinic, by establishing a toolkit of the above-mentioned tools (i.e., a menu of choices), where a healthcare setting can pick up any tool to assess the impact of newly approved drugs depending on their daily operations.
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/19


  • Mayo Clinic Arizona: $15,000.00


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