Masters in Sustainability for Mid-and Early Career Professionals (MS-MP)

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The School of Sustainability (SOS) at Arizona State University (ASU) proposes to develop an online professional masters-degree program in sustainability: The Masters of Sustainability for Mid- and Early- Career Professionals (MS-MP). The demand for sustainability professionals in business and industry is growing rapidly and, as the first School of its kind in the country, SOS is well positioned to develop and implement a degree program that is comprehensive yet flexible enough to meet the needs of working professionals. We will collaborate with Arizona Public Service (APS) and other local external partners, a team of faculty advisors from SOS and the W. P. Carey School of Business (WPC), and technical advisors from ASUs Distance Learning Technology program to create a professional online-masters program that meets the needs of early- and mid-career professionals in Arizona. In addition, through the creation of this first MS-MP, we will be able to derive a general process for designing professional online-masters programs in sustainability for multiple economic sectors as diverse as supply chain management, manufacturing, and construction.
Effective start/end date1/5/0912/31/10


  • Arizona Board of Regents: $50,000.00


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