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Master Account Maricopa County Decision Support for Logistics and Distribution of H1N1 Vaccines Development of a database management system to systematize the supply and demand requirements for H1N1 vaccines per the predefined constraints and MCDPH objectives 2. Data load and process streamlining 3. Incorporating strategic and operational decision frameworks into this system 4. System to provide a first cut (suggestions) for H1N1 vaccine allocation 5. Maintaining the System for 45 days subsequently it can be turned over to MCDPH. ASU team to be provided data associated with this project and authorization for publishing research emanating from this effort. Publication submissions will be cleared with MCDPH team to ensure data confidentiality is maintained. 6. Data Analysis for the duration of the 2009 Flu Season. Research to focus on data gathered via the system developed expected duration till August 2010 (at the latest). Task 2: Cost Benefit Analyses of Influenza Vaccinations: Communitywide and School-based Vaccination Clinics (OPR-Epi PHER Activity 1d and 2B) Maricopa County FluTE Pandemic Influenza simulation Task Order Modification #4: Creating an innovative scenario?based online game of an infectious disease outbreak to be Task Order Modification # 3: Mass Vaccination Strategies Modeling Software for Vaccine Preventable Diseases Mass Vaccination Strategies Modeling Software for Vaccine Preventable Diseases The purpose of the project is to provide software that will model different vaccination strategies, including vaccination targets, cost scenarios, hospitalizations, deaths, cost to various stakeholders and other vaccine dissemination parameters in an infectious disease public health emergency. An earlier phase of the project included modeling of pandemic influenza. This project will focus on detailed costs and benefits to specific stakeholders of the mass use of prophylactic agents, such as antivirals or vaccines. Diseases capable of being modeled by the software would be seasonal influenza and other vaccine preventable diseases relevant to the publics health, whether due to natural or intentional causes, for example, pertussis or anthrax respectively.
Effective start/end date10/1/0912/31/15


  • LOCAL: Arizona Municipal Government: $514,574.00


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