Mastcam-Z: A Geologic Stereoscopic and Multispectral Investigation for the NASA Mars-2020 Rover Mission

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PI Jim Bell Summary: (i) The objectives of the Mastcam-Z investigation on the NASA Mars 2020 rover are to (a) characterize the overall landscape geomorphology and processes at the rover field site; (b) to examine the properties of rocks, including outcrop; (c) to examine the properties of regolith fines (soil, sand, dust); (d) to assess current atmospheric and astronomical conditions, events, and surface-atmosphere interactions and processes; and (e) to provide operational support and scientific context for rover navigation, contact science, sample collection/coring, and other rover science investigations. We propose to achieve these objectives using an extremely high heritage pair of cameras based on the MSL/Mastcam imaging system, and an extremely experienced PI and Co-I investigation science team. These objectives, and the technical and operational implementation of our investigation, will address each of Objectives A, B, C, and D of the Mars 2020 mission. (ii) Because of our intention to maximize reuse of MSL equipment, no new technologies are planned to be employed as part of this proposed investigation. Rather, our baseline plan will be to rely on science and operations lessons-learned from MSL modify the specific implementation of existing MSL-flown technologies to maximize our overall science return.
Effective start/end date8/26/141/7/23


  • National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA): $43,060,346.00


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