Mapping Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Opportunities in Maryvale AZ

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Mapping Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Opportunities in Maryvale AZ Mapping Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Opportunities in Maryvale, AZ Type 2 diabetes (T2D) disproportionately impacts Latino families / communities and represents the 7th leading cause of death in Maricopa County. Diabetes decreases life expectancy, reduces quality of life, and costs the US approximately $250 billion dollars annually. T2D is highly heritable and, in addition to genetics, family dysfunction is associated with poor health behaviors that contribute to poor health outcomes in children. T2D can be delayed or prevented through lifestyle modification even in very high-risk populations and including the entire family in T2D prevention efforts is critical for enhancing social support, encouraging long-term behavior change, and increasing the overall effect size of prevention programs. Adapting efficacious interventions using culturally-grounded and community-based approaches may be more effective for reaching minority families at high-risk. To date, very few family-based interventions aimed at reducing T2D risk in Latino families have been conducted. Unfortunately, the current medical system is not optimally organized to deliver health promotion and disease prevention interventions for families. Given the growth of the Latino population and the staggering costs of T2D, family-focused, culturally-grounded T2D interventions that are delivered in the community, in partnership with a medical home are warranted. This project will support the development of an application using Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping to identify physical and social supports for health promotion and disease prevention in Maryvale, AZ. This information will be integrated into a family based diabetes prevention program for Latino families in Maryvale, AZ.
Effective start/end date10/1/159/30/17


  • Mayo Clinic Arizona: $20,000.00


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