Making Individualized Literacy Instruction Available to All Teachers: Adapting the Assessment to Instruction (A2i) Software for Multiple Real-World Co

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Title: Making Individualized Literacy Instruction Available to All Teachers: Adapting the Assessment to Instruction (A2i) Software for Multiple Real-World Contexts RFA and Goal: Topic 8: Education Technology, Goal 2 Development& Innovation Purpose: The purpose of this project is to complete development of Assessment to Instruction (A2i) software, which is an integral part of the Individualizing Student Instruction (ISI) intervention. A2i was originally developed as a research tool to compute recommended amounts and types of instruction taking into account that the effect of specific types of reading instruction appears to depend on students language and reading skills. Although it shows potential as an effective way to support teachers implementation of effective differentiated reading instruction, in its current form it is not feasible for educational leaders (e.g., literacy coaches, principals, district administrators) and teachers to use A2i without substantial amounts of researcher support. Therefore, this study aims to develop a usable and scalable version of A2i. Setting: ASU Preparatory Academy is a charter school located in downtown Phoenix with the aim of preparing all students for college and careers. Serving an economically and diverse student body, they will be active collaborators in the design studies. The pilot study will be conducted in Erie PA, which also serves a diverse student population. Populations: The principal participants of the studies are the teachers, educational leaders, and school/district administrators at the three sites. The schools serve a highly diverse student body: across schools, approximately 40% of the students qualify for the US Free and Reduced Lunch Program and about 79% belong to ethnic/racial minority groups. Software to be developed: A2i software will be a web-based secure and password protected program designed to support educational leaders and teachers efforts to provide more effective and individualized literacy instruction from kindergarten through third grade by explicitly linking assessment results to recommendations for instructional strategies and activities, providing classroom organization and lesson planning tools, and online professional development, including video of expert teachers. Access and reports for administrators and literacy coaches will be developed as part of a package that schools will be able to implement without extensive and ongoing researcher support. Control condition in pilot study: The control schools will not receive training in or access to A2i and the ISI intervention until the final 3 months of the school year whereas the treatment group will begin training in the summer and will use A2i and ISI throughout the school year. Research Method: Our overall approach in this project is design-based implementation research (DBIR). Whereas most design-based research focuses as the level of the classroom, DBIR aims to create interventions that are aligned with the needs and challenges of schools as organizations, with the aim of developing interventions that are more usable and therefore more scalable. Work will be conducted in two phases that will allow us to test multiple iterations and improvements with teachers and educational leaders in close collaboration, as well as with teachers and administrators who little experience with research, refining towards a final version of A2i that is usable by teachers and educational leaders. The quasi-experimental pilot study will use a delayed treatment design with schools matched and assigned to condition. 4
Effective start/end date7/1/1311/17/16


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $1,373,002.00


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