Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper - Part 2 (LunaH-Map) Phase E and F

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Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper - Part 2 (LunaH-Map) Phase E and F Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper - Phase E and F LunaH-Map will enter an elliptical orbit of the Moon with perilune over the lunar south pole to study the hydrogen abundance of scientifically valuable targets and potential future sites of human exploration (shown in Figure 1). The baseline two month (>200 orbits) mission (Figure 2) will produce the highest spatial resolution neutron count rate maps ever produced for the lunar south polar region. These maps can be used to constrain the surface distribution of hydrogen within PSRs, which can be used to test hypotheses related our understanding of lunar volatile deposition and preservation, and the history of the Moons dynamical evolution.
Effective start/end date10/28/2010/27/24


  • National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA): $3,261,102.00


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