LTREB: Female settlement patterns and social relationships in chimpanzees, a male-philopatric species

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NSF Proposal #1457260: LTREB Renewal: Female Settlement Patterns and Social Relationships in Chimpanzees, a Male-Philopatric Species
Proposed subaward to Arizona State University
Following the retirement of PI Anne Pusey from Duke University in 2019, there is an urgent need for a partner institution that can accomplish the goals of the final year of the grant. Co-PI and Associate Professor Ian Gilby has secured funds to transfer the research archive and relational database to Arizona State University (ASU). As a sub-recipient of this grant, Gilby will
1) Establish a digital lab for organizing, entering, checking and analyzing daily data collected by field assistants at Gombe.
2) Support a graduate RA (Shannon Roivas) to install software and train undergraduate work study students to enter data from checksheets, narrative notes and GPS units into the relational database.
3) Travel with Roivas to Gombe in 2021 to a) manage data collection, b) field test protocol for assessing female chimpanzee energy balance from urine, and c) explore ways to measure feeding efficiency
4) Conduct analyses as described in the Year 4 annual report.
5) Consult with IT experts at ASU to implement a system to manage and interface with multiple data streams from the Gombe Chimpanzee project. This will greatly increase the efficiency with which we can collaborate and share data and analyses.
These will be accomplished in by 28, February, 2021, the end of year 5 of the grant.

Effective start/end date5/1/207/31/21


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $35,758.00


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