Low-Defect GeSn and SiGeSn for Integrated SWIR and MWIR Optoelectronics

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Our group at Arizona State University will produce the proposed Si-Ge-Sn samples on various platforms using chemical vapor deposition for subsequent thermal crystalliztion studies at ASU and laser crystallization at Purdue. We will characterize the recrystallized films with XRD, TEM, RBS, PL and ellipsometry to investigate the effect of low thermal budget treatments on sample quality. During the nine months of the performance period we will focus on optimizing sample microstructure and crystallographic properties via thermal means. We will also assist with the laser studies by providing advice, discussing conditions and developing plans to fine tune the experimental design. Collectively, the objective will be to demonstrate reduction in defect densities compared to state-of-the-art materials for subsequent applications in the fabrication of mid IR detectors and sensors comprising entirely of group IV systems. We are excited by the potential of the proposed project to extend the reach of Si photonics and hope that our participation will make a significant contribution to the industrial deployment of this new technology relevant to military objectives. The STTR provides a unique opportunity for a US company (Freedom Photonics) to compete with initiatives in Europe and Asia so that the US continues to maintain leadership in this area not only at the academic setting but also at the industrial sector.
Effective start/end date8/2/163/13/17


  • DOD-USAF: Hanscom Air Force Base: $75,000.00


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