Loss modeling for rollover in autonomous vehicles

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Loss modeling for rollover in autonomous vehicles Loss modeling for rollover in autonomous vehicles Little time has passed from having sparse news articles about the future of autonomous driving to emotional TV reports on major networks of fatalities in crashes involving autonomous vehicles. The development speed of this technology is breathtaking. Although our collective imagination may place fully autonomous vehicles in a certain but distant future, just by walking the streets of major cities in Arizona and California and observing the fleets of (semi)autonomous vehicles, one cannot escape the sense that that future is much nearer than it seems. This disruptive new technology has grabbed the attention of many actors such as car manufactures, regulators, layers, but also, importantly, insurers. Many significant debates are taking place and many reports are being published by influential bodies (e.g. [RAND corporation report]). Currently, the focus is on where to place the liability for this new (autonomous) driver. Inevitably and likely in the near future, this focus will shift to the question of the pricing of that liability. This research proposes the development of a first methodology that will address that question.
Effective start/end date2/4/1912/31/19


  • Society of Actuaries: $35,745.00


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