Livedata: A Digital Research Infrastructure for Arizona's 21st Century Universities

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This proposal requests funding to extend a tri-university effort that supports the research outputs of the Arizona public universities by enabling all three institutions to manage and disseminate research products. This request proposes to continue the work of the previous proposal, Establishing a Digital Research Infrastructure for Arizonas 21st Century Universities Research Enterprise, by: 1) creating a long-term roadmap for success for a sustained and scalable tri-university cyber-infrastructure to support heterogeneous research data and outputs, 2) establishing a technology solution to demonstrate the potential for resource interoperability between each institutions data sources, 3) conducting a holistic analysis of the research activities at all three institutions to define requirements for managing research information in a variety of disciplines, and 4) enhancing the discovery tool funded by the current Digital Research Infrastructure grant.
Effective start/end date10/1/1312/31/15


  • Arizona Board of Regents


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