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Literacy through the Arts Program Manager Teaching Artist Partnership (ASUF 30006202) Literacy through the Arts Program Manager & Teaching Artist Partnership OBJECTIVE To create a grant funded resident position (10 hours a week) partnering ASUs Theatre for Youth graduate program with the Mesa Arts Center Education and Outreach Department by imbedding an MFA or PhD TFY student in MAC Education Department/Lowell ES. This position focuses on integrating theatre and language arts curriculum in Lowell Elementary School K-3rd grade classrooms in the Mesa Public School District with a focus on developing critical literacy and state standards. Funded through the Mesa Arts Center Foundation. PROJECT GOALS: The MAC-ASU resident project manager/teaching artist focuses on: 1. Establishing a renewable source of highly qualified theatre students to program manage and serve as teaching artists in the Mesa Arts Centers program, Literacy through the Arts; 2. Using National and Arizona College and Career Readiness standards to ground Literacy through the Arts teaching and evaluation protocols; 3. Developing and testing model programming integrating arts and sequential literacy learning; 4. Providing real world experience and learning laboratories to advanced graduate students in the Theatre for Youth program; 5. Leveraging the intellectual and aesthetic resources of the university through partnerships to build creative and educational capacity in underserved communities/schools. PROPOSED TIMELINE The residency would last 36 weeks during the 2014-2015 school year. Resident artist would begin August 10th-December 13th and January 11th-May 8th 2015. Programming starts (approximately August 24th) There would be a week off for Spring Break. In the spring, future/potential residential artists would train as apprentices to the current resident artist. PROGRAM OVERVIEW & IMPLEMENTATION Mesa Art Centers (MAC) Literacy through the Arts program integrates theatre and language arts into the classroom curriculum, with a focus on developing critical literacy in K-3rd grades. Teaching Artists partner with classroom educators to engage students in interactive storytelling, creative movement, collaborative conversations, and independent exploration. Additionally, the resident artist serves as an arts integration specialists in Lowell and will keep office hours at the school. Literacy through the Arts is a 3-tiered program of educator professional development, an in-classroom residency, and a live theatre production. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT MAC teaching artists collaborate closely with the classroom educator to integrate program curriculum while exploring and building shared philosophy on the value of creativity in literacy. MAC Teaching Artists are required to attend training on quality implementation of integrated arts and literacy standards. Before the residency, MAC Teaching Artists meet with the classroom educator to set goals oriented to their specific classroom and students. Additionally, this partnership will bring ASU faculty to the school to build teacher training workshops focused on integrative arts programming and arts methodologies. LIVE PROFESSIONAL THEATRE PRODUCTION Mesa Arts Center offers a premier program for live theatre, Performing Live for Students. Students experience performances that enhance school curriculum. These one-hour performances are accompanied by teacher resources aligned to Arizona Academic Standards. All participating classrooms attend a free performance as part of the residency. CLASSROOM RESIDENCY A classroom residency includes 3 pre-performance workshops and 1 post-performance workshop. Additionally, each student and Educator will be given a book themed around the live professional theatre production. The MAC Teaching Artists will use the book as a point of literacy exploration with the students. By using a sequential scaffolding approach to learning, the teaching artists facilitates students to increasingly take ownership, and independence of full literacy fluency. Kindergarten residencies began exploring phonemes, phonetics, and expressing thoughts and feelings through interactive theatrical retelling of stories. By 3rd grade, we aim for students to be participating in collaborative conversations, speaking fluent sentence structure, and creating engaging narrative text. EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS INTEGRATION This program will integrate Arizona College and Career readiness standards as well as current research on creative capacity and creative openness. Project partners in collaboration with Lowell Elementary School teachers and administrators iteratively will assess standards integration and revise program models and assessments as necessary to more fully meet targets.
Effective start/end date8/10/145/31/15


  • Mesa Arts Center Foundation: $15,540.00


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