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Len Necefer US-EPA Fellowship Len Necefer US-EPA Fellowship Engineering is the path which I will take to improve the health, environment, and economy of the Navajo Nation. Living on the Reservation exposed me to a history of environmental damage which frustrated and even angered me. Uranium, Coal, and Oil all have their histories on the Navajo Reservation. After losing family members to black lung and water poisoned by Uranium and Coal mining, I knew the situation had to change. I soon realized that these negative emotions would do nothing to improve the situation. Action needed to be taken. Many on the reservation are hopeless or complacent on the issue of pollution. This culture has developed from a lengthy history, failed actions and failed policies. Some teachers on the reservation told me that, The problem is too large to solve, it's too late to do anything meaningful, and Power Generation and Coal bring needed jobs. These are reasons to find solutions which will replace coal power-generation and strip mining. If hopelessness justifies inaction, then a meaningful change can restore hope; if jobs are a concern, renewable energy has the potential to add significantly more.
Effective start/end date9/2/119/1/13


  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): $17,000.00


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