Legacies on the Landscape: Agricultural Production on Perry Mesa, Agua Fria National Monument

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This document presents the scope of work proposed for Spring and Summer 2009 at Agua Fria National Monument. The project represents both a new phase and a continuation of the Legacies project, building on previous work in Phase 2 that was funded by the existing CESU task order #JSA4l 006. This phase of the research complements on-going research on the monument that is currently funded by two National Science Foundation grants. In part this scope of work explains the important ways in which BLM funding complements and extends the project with respect to the NSF funding. Overall this research continues a project begun in 2004 that is concerned with the long-term effects of prehistoric agriculture on contemporary ecosystem structure and function at Agua Fria National Monument (see Briggs et al. 2006; Kruse and Spielmann 2004; Schollmeyer 2004; Schollmeyer et al. 2004; Spielmann et al. 2005). Objectives for BLM-Funded Legacies Research We have several goals for Spring and Summer 2009 that build upon the NSF-funded research outlined above, including preliminary results from some of the soils analyses. Activities related to these goals are discussed in somewhat more detail following this section. Ecology: Identification of whether and how rock alignment construction ameliorates soil texture and fertility at Bull Tank farm will be the focus of this work. This pilot project will complement and extend the ecological analyses that the NSF grant is funding. Archaeology: Collection and analysis of sand samples from tributaries ofthe Agua Fria to aid with provenance analysis that the NSF grant is funding.
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  • DOI: Bureau of Land Management (BLM): $92,419.00


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