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IYCE OurCity Jordan IYCE OurCity Jordan Scope of Work I. BACKGROUND Todays most pressing demographic and economic development challenges are the worlds growing youth bulge. The rapidly expanding global population between the ages of 15 and 24 years is a phenomenon that is affecting many countries around the world, particularly in the Global South. In regions such as the Middle East, more than 65% of the population is under the age of 30. If the social and economic needs of this youth population are neglected, particularly those related to education, work opportunities, and having a voice in their communities, their countries are at risk of destabilization. Conversely, the youth bulge may also offer unique opportunities for positive social change. For example, youth have proven to be early adopters of technology; they are increasingly connected and adept at quickly learning how to utilize technology to do everything from earn income to increase their education. Innovations for Youth Capacity and Engagement (IYCE), a joint development effort between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and NetHope, is funded under the USAID Global Broadband and Innovations Program (GBI). GBI seeks to harness the above mentioned population trend through engagement for positive social change by supporting the development of a youth gaming and new media strategy in order to strengthen youth engagement efforts in developing countries. NetHopes GBI is supporting the development and deployment of a gaming pilot program that will aim to demonstrate a theory of change whereby youth engagement both on and offline is fostered through serious social gaming. This pilot will be rolled out in Jordan early 2014 and will be IYCEs first release. An opportunity exists through this program to design and deploy a portfolio of serious games to test this theory of change. Pending on the success of the pilot, the IYCE program will scale the city building game regionally and/or globally. The IYCE game will focus on strengthening civic engagement and systems cognition skills of youth through enabling the creation of the participants own digital city. In the process of this city building, players will face concrete challenges, such as energy shortages, diminishing access to water, a growing population and a challenging economic environment, for which they will develop appropriate solutions. In addition to the game play, learning will be enhanced through on-line micro-engagements (i.e., engaging with embedded civic-engagement focused videos, surveys and activities) as well as opportunities for real-world civic engagement through linkages with real world development programs (e.g., players can accelerate their advancement in the game through participating in real world activities). IYCE also seeks to leverage public and private partnerships to enhance and expand the game and ensure local endorsement and support. NetHope is seeking a consultant to develop a measurement process for tracking how well the game contributes to desired learning outcomes as well as to provide support services for the IYEC partnership strategy. For the measurement process, this consultancy will continue working on the current IYCE M&E Framework, further developing and finalizing this framework based upon recent game design and development. The consultant will work with the IYCE Program Manager and E-Line Media, the game Executive Producer, and the Civic Engagement Expert to assist in ensuring that the learning objectives outlined in the M&E plan are integrated effectively into the game play. Once the framework is revised, the consultant will identify the relevant data to report against the key outcomes in the framework and develop a process for collecting and analyzing that information in coordination with the game developer. Second, the consultant will provide support services to support and execute the IYCE Strategic Partnership plan. This role will entail working with the key IYCE management team and E-Line to provide research and information to feed into the development of the strategic partnerships plan, the identification of possible partners, engage potential partners, provide support materials for outreach meetings, and document the process. The consultant will also provide recommendations and insights on the type of data that will be useful to collect for potential partners. This Contractor will work directly with NetHope, through the IYCE Program Manager as the lead contact person, as well as with the other relevant core IYCE partners (including E-Line Media and Social Game Universe) when relevant. The consultant will also report to the USAIDs Global Partnership team in the Office of Innovation and Development Alliances (IDEA/GP) when required.
Effective start/end date6/1/146/15/15


  • US Agency for International Development (USAID): $30,176.00


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