iSTART-Early: Interactive Strategy Training for Active Reading and Thinking for Young Developing Readers

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The goal is to develop iSTART-Early, an intelligent tutoring system that provides automated instruction and practice on higher-order reading comprehension strategies to 3rd and 4th graders. We will achieve this objective using design-based implementation research (DBIR) in close collaboration with our school partners. Specifically, we will (a) develop the iSTART-Early platform, (b) examine usability and feasibility of the iSTART-Early instruction, and (c) examine promise of the iSTART-Early instruction. iSTART-Early provides instruction and practice designed to improve deep comprehension for students in a critical, yet under-supported, time of reading development. The proposed research will not only provide a tangible educational technology, but will advance our understanding of how educational technologies can improve learning from texts.
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/23


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $1,400,000.00


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