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Isotopic Investigations of Meteorites Isotopic Investigations of Meteorites A Modern Electron Microprobe for Cosmochemical Research at Arizona State University This proposal seeks a portion of the funds required for the purchase of a new automated electron probe microanalyzer (EMPA) at Arizona State University (ASU). This new instrument will replace an existing 25-year-old electron microprobe (a JEOL JXA-8600). The new state-of-the-art EMPA will be an essential component of an existing suite of analytical facilities at ASU (including ion microprobes, multicollector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers, gas source and noble gas mass spectrometers) for the characterization and analyses of planetary materials, experimental charges and terrestrial analogue samples. The specific requirements for this instrument include automated and high spatial resolution electron and X-ray imaging as well as quantitative analyses of major, minor and trace elements. This new EMPA will operate as an Investigator Facility Instrument that will be available to a broad group of ASU PIs with projects funded through several program elements in NASAs Planetary Science Research Program. The NASA-funded research projects that will be supported by this new EMPA laboratory facility at ASU address Strategic Subgoal 3C: to advance scientific knowledge of the origin and history of the solar system, the potential for life elsewhere, and the hazards and resources present as humans explore space. &
Effective start/end date4/1/083/31/13


  • NASA: Goddard Space Flight Center: $1,245,000.00


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