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Investigative Journalism Project at Vilnius University Investigative Journalism Project at Vilinius University In order to meet the projects goal to introduce and share best practices of investigative journalism techniques and mentorship to faculty and student journalists the Cronkite School presents the following workshop outline. The project has three phases. The first phase is the instructional design phase. Here, working with Valius Venckunas, the Cronkite team comprised of Professor Julia Wallace and Dr. Silcock will chose the specific topics to create the course. This would be done in the month of September. The second phase will be the delivery of the lectures via a webinar by Professor Wallace. At the same time in Vilnious there will be the creation of the student investigative teams by Valius Venckunas at the Communication Faculty of Vilnious University. Once the webinar lectures begin in October the student teams will have various homework assignments to brainstorm topic ideas, research and refine them, pitch them to Professor Wallace and Valius and then receive clearance to begin their reporting work. Benchmarks will be created so as the course progresses students complete reporting objectives in a timely manner in order to meet the final deadline. In the third phase of the project Professor Wallace accompanied by a Cronkite graduate student (funding permitted) will travel to Vilnius and spend a week to ten days in the final editing process leading to website publication and distribution to local news outlets.
Effective start/end date10/1/173/15/18


  • US Department of State (DOS): $11,951.00


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