Interprofessional Primary Care Curriculum: Implementation and Evaluation (ASUF 30005487)

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Interprofessional Primary Care Curriculum: Implementation and Evaluation (ASUF 30005487) Interprofessional Primary Care Curriculum: Implementation and Evaluation The purpose of this three-year project is to implement, evaluate, and activate innovative strategies to sustain the interprofessional primary care curriculum developed with a two year planning grant from the Macy Foundation (2010 to 2012). The specific aims are to: (1) pilot and evaluate the new interprofessional primary care curriculum in the nursing, medicine, pharmacy, and social work programs of planning grant members at Arizona State University and The University of Arizona; (2) implement a longitudinal evaluation plan that is grounded in the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) competencies and assesses the relationship between student performance and clinical populationbased outcomes; (3) develop and test telehealth, simulation, and distance education and practice models for interprofessional education and faculty development; and (4) refine and expand implementation of the curriculum to new academic and clinical partners. The intended outcome is an innovative, sustainable model for interprofessional primary care education that improves student competence in teamwork and collaboration and patient outcomes. The project partners include all of the members of the Macy planning grant, a state-wide graduate education initiative, and a network of clinical organizations that provide primary care and continuum-ofcare training. The project builds incrementally over three years using a continuous quality improvement approach to refine and improve curriculum and teaching strategies as well as evaluation metrics and strategies for working effectively across academic and clinical settings. Teams of faculty and clinical coaches will guide interprofessional education and practice experiences. Project evaluation will include longitudinal assessment of student performance, management of academic-clinical partnerships, and beginning evaluation of student team impact on patient satisfaction and selected clinical performance measures.
Effective start/end date4/1/133/31/14


  • Josiah Macy, Jr Foundation: $170,838.00


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