International Biofuel Supplies for Meeting California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard

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International Biofuel Supplies for Meeting California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard International biofuel supplies for meeting Californias low-carbon fuel standard Scope The uncertainty in biofuel supply and usage in California for meeting California climate change goals hinges on several primary uncertainties, to name a few: 1. Climate policies and biofuel incentives from outside California 2. Biomass supply and availability in California and the United States 3. Biomass supply and availability internationally 4. Feedstock conversion costs and efficiencies 5. Feedstock processing and transportation costs 6. Rate at which production facilities can be built 7. Production capacity ramp rates The current knowledge base has focused largely on the potential supplies of biofuels from the United States and current international supplies. Adequate understanding of the potential for additional international biomass supplies is lacking for assessing both the California LCFS and the federal Renewable Fuel Standard. In addition to neglecting international biomass supply curves, current models are not adequately capturing details associated with international feedstock processing and fuel transportation costs, as well as more current trends in feedstock conversion costs and efficiencies. The proposed project will improve the understanding of international biomass supplies that are potentially available for conversion to low-carbon fuels and the costs of bringing those fuels to the California fuels market.
Effective start/end date6/30/163/31/19


  • California Air Resources Board: $125,775.00


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