Interdisciplinary Preparation of Early Intervention Personnel in Arizona

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There continues to be an acute need for qualified personnel to serve families and their infants and toddlers who are at risk for or have disabilities. The personnel needs derive both from a lack of personnel, and a lack of personnel with specific knowledge to provide evidence based services to families and their young children. The purpose of this project is to enhance preservice training for speech-language pathologists at Arizona State University as well as provide professional development opportunities for interdisciplinary personnel who serve families and their young children with disabilities. Preservice activities will build upon the core early intervention training that is already in place at Arizona State University through the Department of Speech and Hearing Science, Infant Child Research Program. The core program includes one early intervention class and a semester-length practical training experience with infants and toddlers. The FTF personnel training support will enable the addition of (a) more in-depth, home-based practical training experiences, as well as more practical training experiences with specialized populations (e.g., young children at risk for or having autism, children with significant feeding concerns), and (b) advanced course work. Also, students will be provided with tuition scholarships and/or stipend support, in return for agreeing to remain in Arizona and accept a position in which they will be providing services to families and their young children with disabilities. This threefold approach will allow students to develop key knowledge and skills for provision of services to families and their infants and toddlers while also providing incentives for them to work in Arizona. Training enhancements will follow recommendations in the new ASHA Guidelines for SLPs Working in Early Intervention (ASHA, 2008). Professional development opportunities for interdisciplinary personnel who are in the workforce, have their appropriate degree for practice, and are serving families and their young children, will be provided with varying opportunities to develop/enhance specific knowledge and skills focused on (a) participation-based assessment and interventions, (b) working with caregivers to enhance children's participation in key learning opportunities, ( c) working with young children with autism, and (d) pediatric feeding. Plans are to work with other ASU departments, the Institute for Human Development at NAU, AzEIP, AZDOE, and community advocacy groups to review existing professional development resources and identify needed resources. Some existing training programs (e.g., Inter-university Autism Certificate) may be able to incorporate professional development options with a focus on early intervention, and it is also anticipate that one or two new Certificate training programs (e.g., Pediatric Feeding) will be developed and offered.
Effective start/end date7/1/096/30/10


  • Arizona, State of: $275,000.00


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