IntelTeach 20 Initiative: A Game-Infused MVP of the Project-Based Approaches Journey

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IntelTeach 20 Initiative: A Game-Infused MVP of the Project-Based Approaches Journey IntelTeach 2.0 Initiative: A Game-Infused MVP of the Project-Based Approaches Journey I. Overview and Key Objectives For 12 years, the Intel Teach Program has helped K12 teachers around the world integrate technology into classrooms and promote student-centered approaches to engage students in learning and prepare them with critical skills for success in our digital world. Today, more than 13 million teachers trained through Intel Teach in 70 countries are preparing the next generation to learn, lead, and succeed in the global economy. Beyond the suite of seven Intel Teach Elements courses, the initiative has also built out a powerful online community for teachers to share, connect, and evolve their practices, especially as they relate to 21st century teaching and learning. Additionally, the initiative has developed a suite of student-facing smart tools (thinking tools) that teachers can leverage as they apply their learning in the courses to lessons and activities for their students. There is a strong desire to maintain or advance Intels leadership position in the Teacher Professional Development space and to do so, will require continual innovation. Additionally Intel needs to improve visibility for the positive impact they are having globally on 21st Century teaching practices and establish credit for its efforts in teacher professional development (PD) through compelling stories grounded in data supported by a leading-edge platform. This is a unique opportunity for Intel to lead the charge in leveraging its high-quality content, processes, and extensive teacher community, along with the power of gaming methodologies and learning sciences, to provide leading teacher professional development to the world. To help accomplish these goals, the ASU Center for Games and Impact along with E-Line Media, the Centers industry partner, propose to take the core concepts in the Elements courses and existing teacher community and integrate them into web 2.0 connected learning framework that integrates the powerful digital learning affordances that motivated Intel to produce the elements courses for teachers (e.g., digital collaboration, project-based, 21st Century assessment, blended learning, etc.). Specifically, we will build: A Game-infused learning network that supports teachers as they pursue engaging and personalized trajectories to unlock the promise of digital learning in their classrooms Courses will be framed as Journeys, capturing the belief that teachers bring a wealth of experience to draw from in understanding and evolving the core content to be learned through the IntelTeach courses. Journeys will include Quest-lines (equivalent to modules), Quests (equivalent to lessons), and Challenges (equivalent to activities) that learners will complete using the game-infused platform we are introducing to the IntelTeach experience. Beyond framing the content in a game-infused learning platform, we will work closely with Intel staff to identify Quest and challenges that will benefit from a re-packaging using relevant gaming modalities. For example, leveraging a project or not gaming mechanic, teachers can practice their emerging understanding of what constitutes a project-based lesson in a playful context with immediate feedback. Or, they can use the project-builder tool to build potential unit plans and receive playful feedback on how their created unit might affect a simulated class. The goal of this grant is to produce an MVP of the project-based approaches courses to determine if this platform will be more impactful and engaging than the already highly successful Intel courses currently introduced as a relatively flat learning experience with little connection to community, Arizona State University / E-Line Media | Page 2 of 6 technical challenges in being able to revisit course content, no embedded data analytics to track usage, and with few examples of the experience leveraging the powerful digital learning modalities being introduced. Beyond upgrading the learning experience, we will also explore the power of using this content as part of the nations largest teacher education program at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. This is an important new audience that has potential to benefit from, scale out impact, and establish additional reputation and impact for Intel. As brief overview, we have included the logic model that drove this work and informed the direction of this proposal. While we started off with a more explicit game focus, through multiple conversations with stakeholders and our examination of the space, we have arrived at the current proposal around a game-infused network as a more powerful approach. An important assumption driving our thinking is that the Intel content already developed for the existing Elements courses is of the highest quality, but that the important upgrade is to build a connected infrastructure that more powerfully nurtures how this content becomes realized for each teacher. Said another way, the existing content provides the seed that, through community interaction and real-world application, will grow into a community effort that will inspire teachers to realize the promise of digital learning. Below, we briefly elaborate on this vision, the timeline, and some of the core assumptions underlying the proposed work.
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