Intel She Will Connect Initiative: A Game-Infused Digital Literacy Journey

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Intel She Will Connect Initiative: A Game-Infused Digital Literacy Journey INTEL SHE WILL CONNECT INITIATIVE: A GAME-INFUSED ENTREPRENEURSHIP JOURNEY technology and prepare them with critical skills for success in our digital world. Acting on the Women and the Web report that found an Internet gender gap holding back advancement in the developing world, Intel has pledged close this gap by 50% for 5 million girls in the next three years. This represents a strong desire to maintain or advance Intels leadership position in advancing technological empowerment for women and girls. Additionally, Intel needs to improve visibility for the positive impact they are having globally on 21st Century learning through compelling stories grounded in data supported by a leading-edge platform. To do so will require continual innovation. This is a unique opportunity for Intel to lead the charge in leveraging education and technology, along with the power of gaming methodologies and learning sciences, to improve or fundamentally transform the position of women in the developing world. To help accomplish these goals, the ASU Center for Games and Impact along with E-Line Media, the Centers industry partner, proposes to take core concepts of Intels and partnered leadership initiatives and integrate them into web 2.0 connected learning framework that integrates the powerful digital learning affordances that motivated Intel to produce the Learn and Easy Steps curricula. The goal of this project is to use entrepreneurship as an engaging context for inspiring girls and woman to develop the ability, confidence, and commitment to (a) use technology to express themselves, (b) develop business solutions to their community needs, (c) unlock new possible futures, and, (d) with the GPS game layer, create artifacts of past and present community for others to discover. Specifically, we will build: A Game-infused platform, curricula and community that supports learners on multiple devices from anywhere as they pursue engaging and personalized trajectories to unlock the promise of digital learning in their lives. Content will be framed as Journeys, capturing the belief that young women bring a wealth of experience and interests to draw from in advancing their own potentials. Journeys will include Quests, Missions, and Challenges that learners will complete using the game-infused platform and other more ubiquitous interfaces that we are building and introducing to the She Will Connect experience. The various experiences, some of which will be bounded smartphone challenges and others being equivalent of a full course, will allow girls and women to develop the necessary digital literacy and Entrepreneurship ability, confidence, and commitments to unlock pathways for pursuing valuable careers and leadership positions. While some trajectories around core identities will be framed as extended journeys, we will provide smaller game-infused experiences through multiple interfaces (geo-spatial check-ins, smart phone offerings, local center sign-offs) and engaging experiential packages (community challenges, game-based events, bounded achievements, transmedia-story releases, badge accomplishments), in order to create diverse offerings that will reach as many woman as possible. The key is to build a number of game-infused, mini-experiences that while meaningful in their own right can additionally serve as gateways to the more impactful course-based journeys (see Appendix A: User Stories). Through this grant we will produce the Entrepreneurship Journey, as well as the nested game-infused challenges that collectively provide a fully functional R&D prototype to be used by up to 500 users, and that Arizona State University / E-Line Media | Page 2 of 8 will be connected to powerful communities like World Pulse. Additionally, we will evaluate and optimize the work through examination of data from a local set of implementations to determine how to optimize the impact and engagement potential of this platform. This research will be used to propose and justify a more thorough game-infusion and horizontal building out of a suite of experiences both for the entrepreneurship and other Journeys.
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