Integrated Behavioral Health Social Work Clinical Internship for Underserved High Risk Populations in Arizona

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Arizona has among the highest rates of behavioral health disorders and largest proportion of underserved areas in the nation. We will prioritize chronically underserved shortage areas characterized by staggering burden of illness characterized by the highest youth suicide rates in the nation and the largest native American population. The Arizona State University (ASU) School of Social Work and the Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) are among the major academic programs that prepare students for integrated behavioral health in Arizona. This proposed project will improve the supply of an integrated behavioral health workforce by enhancing and expanding our current network of internship sites for students enrolled in the ASU School of Social Work internship training program.
Project Goals and Measurable Objectives
Aim 1: Enhance and expand current ASU intern placement in Arizona.
Goal #1: Establish relationships with community-based partners to increase access to quality behavioral health services in high need and high demand areas for populations across the lifespan. To accomplish this goal, we will: establish 5 to 10 partnerships with experiential training sites in high need/high demand areas in Arizona, provide stipend support for 116 students, implement and improve telehealth services, and establish a quality improvement collaborative.
Aim 2: Build capacity to incorporate health technologies in the internship.
Goal #2: Promote collaborative training by utilizing team-based models of care in integrated, interdisciplinary behavioral and primary care settings. To accomplish this goal, we will achieve objectives related to competency-based learning, innovative curriculum, health technologies (such as telehealth, distance education, smart phone health care apps), and asynchronous training.
Aim 3: Improve cultural competency of interns and increase representation in the clinic.
Goal #3: Recruit a workforce that reflects all relevant population characteristics of the service area (such as racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic, and client backgrounds). We will accomplish 4 objectives related to internship recruitment, diversity of training sites, graduate placement, and program evaluation.

How the Project will be Accomplished
Our vision is to enhance the experience of our internship doctoral trainees and the site clinical and management team to support the hire and retention of a new integrated behavioral health workforce. We will accomplish 6 objectives related to the internship experience: targeted youth populations, health disparities, psychiatric consultation, online education, evaluation, and quality improvement.
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/25


  • HHS: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA): $1,916,157.00


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