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Institutional Support Program for Japanese Studies Institutional Support Program for Japanese Studies The goals we ate seeking to further are to investigate, to establish, to strengthen, and to promote the connections among establishments, public and private, academic and non-academic, with resources for the study of Japan. In the Phoenix area. for example, resources include the ASU School of Languages and Cultures (SILe), the ASU School of History, Philosophical, and Religious"Studies (SHPRS), the ASU Art Museum, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Musical Instrument Museum, and the Japanese Friendship Garden. They also include Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and many community colleges. It is the pattern of relationships that do and could exist among our separate establishments that we wish to build upon in order to construct the idea of ('Japanese studies"as an institution in Arizona Therefore, to launch this project of coQstruction, we are asking for funding to assist in a threepyear project called Japan in Global Contexts. Each year will focus on a different topic: 1) Writing, Translating, and Print Culture in Japan and East Asia 2) Japan and Global Buddhism; and 3) Empire, Warl and After. Each year's events will include at least 1) one seminar or workshop for university and community college faculty; 2) one guest speaker or workshop for the. university community; 3) one exhibit at both the ASU Art Museum and the Phoenix Art Museum; and 4) a film series based On the topic for the year for students and a general audience. For all three years, we wish to sponsor a fixed~tenn research project to investigate the entire state and its public and private establishments for any and all resources and collections related to Japan or the Japan diaspora. Although the project will be based at Arizona State University and in the Phoenix area, we will work to extend at least the film series and some of the outreach programs to the University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, and to community colleges.
Effective start/end date9/1/118/31/14


  • Japan Foundation: $155,696.00


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