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Innovation for Sustainability Service (IfS) Innovation for Sustainability Service (IfS) Henkel Air Care Innovation Project 2012-13 Henkel Background This project is sponsored by Henkel, a corporation with headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany, that owns and manages a large number of brands including Dial, Loctite, Persil, Schwarzkopf and others. The companys roots can be traced back to 1876, when Fritz Henkel, along with two partners, founded a company called Henkel and Cie with an initial product offering of washing powder. Since those beginnings, Henkel has grown substantially in size, number of products, variety of brands and geographic reach, and now has more than 45,000 employees worldwide. In the year 2010, Henkel achieved sales of 15,092 million Euros and an adjusted operating profit of 1,723 million Euros, the most successful year in the companys history. Henkel is organized into three major business sectors: Laundry& Home Care, Cosmetics/Toiletries and Adhesive Technologies. This project focuses on the Laundry& Home Care division, with a specific focus on Air Care. Henkel Air Care Goals and Objectives ASU understands that Henkel Air Cares overriding goals are to increase the price/performance of its products by 3 times by 2020, while simultaneously increasing market share in existing markets segments and establishing leadership in new sustainability and emerging economies market segments. Project Proposal The focused objective of this project is to create"principles of design" that can be applied to new air freshener products or to modify and improve current products. Henkel needs to understand how its Non-Electric Continuous Action (NECA) housing or structure impedes or optimizes the performance of the product. Without an internal energy source, the product must rely on ambient air movement and functional design to get the most performance. Thus, Henkel wishes to understand the design/engineering criteria that should be applied to maximize performance. At this time Henkel has some gut feelings on what these principles should be, but they have not been scientifically and quantitatively measured in order to make them useful in our design and engineering.
Effective start/end date11/1/1210/31/13


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $45,000.00


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