Innovation Demands Boldness: A New Workshop Series to Build the Strategic Competitiveness of Research in Arizona: Workshop 1-Disrupti (see comments)

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Innovation Demands Boldness: A New Workshop Series to Build the Strategic Competitiveness of Research in Arizona: Workshop 1-Disrupti (see comments) Innovation Demands Boldness: A New Workshop Series to Buil the Strategic Competitiveness of Research in Arizona Arizona and the nation face crucial decisions that will define future competitiveness in research and corporate investment in advanced technologies. The current economic challenges have heightened the risks that Arizona faces if it does not pursue bold and creative initiatives - economically, educationally, politically and culturally. Despite the increasingly competitive global environment, from our closest neighbors to half a world away in China and India, there has been an acceptance of the status quo at both national and local levels, a reluctance to acknowledge the risk posed by rapidly changing landscape and a resistance to strategic investments and the urgent actions needed to build long-term strength and prosperity. Gone are the days when Arizona could rely on its natural assets and historic investments in copper, cotton and construction to spur growth. This proposal seeks funding to organize a series of workshops under the umbrella title "Innovation Demands Boldness". The selection of the term boldness is purposeful. It reflects the growing recognition that current approaches to the organization, conduct and funding of research are ill prepared to address the complexity posed by global challenges in healthcare, energy, sustainability, computing, large scale information networks, artificial intelligence and national security. As in previous eras of innovation, future success will result from bold and transformative initiatives. Incremental improvements on current approaches will not suffice. The workshops, organized as a collaboration between Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz) and Arizona State University (ASU) will bring national/international research leaders and key policy decision makers to Arizona to discuss issues with academic, industrial and government leaders in Arizona. The workshops will provide a pragmatic forum for action and advance the standing of the Arizona community in the larger national and international communities. The topics SFAz and ASU have identified a strategically important and opportunistic for Arizona include: Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models for the 21st Century Synthetic Biology: The Rise of Bio-Inspired, Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing The Convergence of Biomedicine, Engineering, Telecommunications and Future Workforce Needs The Importance of Private-Public Partnerships to Advancing Research Innovation Networked Health: Building the Infrastructure for Healthcare Information Technology E-Learning and On-Line Education Novel materials Understanding Instability Triggers in Complex Systems MSOL
Effective start/end date3/1/102/28/11


  • Science Foundation of Arizona: $80,000.00


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