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Indian Legal Program Enhancement Project Indian Legal Program Enhancement Project 1. Student Development: funding for Indian Rights Fellowships, Traveling Classroom and Moot Court. The Fellowships provide students the opportunity to undertake practical experiences with tribes and nonprofits that cannot offer pay or provide only very little compensation. The traveling classroom takes students to Washington DC and Winnebago NE to teach them how to advocate for tribal clients. The Moot Court funding will allow participation in the annual NALSA Competition to improve law student oral argument skills. 2. Legal Services: funding for the Indian Legal Clinic, a free legal services clinic for Native clients or clients with Indian Law issues. The funding helps the clinic with core operations, travel and staffing; 3. Community Outreach: funding for community programs that will continue the Native American Pipeline to Law Program that include a Native American Law School Admissions Workshops, Early outreach to k-12 students, and mentoring; a Tribal Court Enhancement Workshops to strengthen tribal courts by helping judges and advocates; and national conferences and programs on Indian law developments. 4. Student Scholarships: funding for students studying Indian law with the intent of earning the Indian Law Certificate.
Effective start/end date1/1/1812/31/22


  • LOCAL: Indian Tribal Governmental Units: $100,000.00


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