Improving the Quality of Arizona Teachers of the Physical Sciences and Mathematics

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ITQ08-01 ASU: Now in year 1 of 2, this project, led by the Arizona State University Department of Physics, helps high school and middle school teachers of physics, chemistry, physical science and mathematics become more highly qualified. In Year 1, 100 teachers participated, most out of field, and representing 25 LEAs, 8 charter schools and 4 parochial schools from Phoenix, Tucson, and rural Arizona. Professional development activities include three-week summer modeling workshops in each of two summers, with 55 to 90 contact hours each; 12 Saturday follow-up workshops throughout the year; and bi-weekly mentoring of the charter school teachers. The research-driven curriculum is tied to Arizona standards and is based on the modeling cycle, inquiry methods, critical and creative thinking, cooperative learning, and sound use of classroom technology. Evaluation measures include teacher AEPA pass rates and improved achievement of students.+;
Effective start/end date1/3/081/31/11


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $477,327.00


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