Improving Science of Health Care Delivery Content Knowledge Through Podcasting

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Improving Science of Health Care Delivery Content Knowledge Through Podcasting Improving Science of Health Care Delivery Content Knowledge Through Podcasting Statement of Work Title: Improving Science of Health Care Delivery Content Knowledge Through Podcasting Goal: Develop a strategic framework to enhance resident, fellow, and clinical faculty engagement in quality improvement, patient safety, and research at HonorHealth. Aims: 1.Integrate the principles of health systems science (Fig. 1) within the HonorHealth ResQIPS curricula to prepare current and future physicians to address the Triple Aim, including the improvement of population health, reducing total cost of care, and improving the overall patient experience. The IHI Triple Aim framework was developed in 2007 by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Cambridge, Massachusetts ( 2.Collaborate with key stakeholders across the HonorHealth organization and faculty researchers at Arizona State University (ASU) to identify and sustain ResQIPS projects. 3.Disseminate QI/research projects through local, national, and international venues. 4.Partner with internal and external stakeholders to develop innovative educational pathways to meet the needs of our learners and the communities we serve. Fig. 1. Principles of health systems science Proposal: Develop Informational Podcasts targeting residents, fellows, and clinical faculty at HonorHealth, 2020 Rationale: The efforts to train physicians to excel in the current and future health care landscape, it is pivotal to provide learning resources beyond those just clinical in nature. In order to achieve the Triple Aim, physicians must demonstrate proficiency in clinical care, but also issues impacting the larger health care system in which they will practice. Physicians must have easy access to current, evidence-based, and relevant information, engage with high priority health systems topics, and critically consider challenges in our health care system. The goal is to not only train clinically excellent physicians of the future, but also physician leaders who can improve practice and outcomes for health care organizations, patients and communities. We propose funding the development of an exclusive 8-part podcast series intended for our residents, fellows, and clinical faculty with the explicit goal of creating accessible, dynamic and relevant deliverables that inform but also engage. Due to the various locations of our trainees, podcasts are ideal (and familiar) forms of media that can be broadly accessed from virtually anywhere, at any time. To create content that is not only engaging but also evidence-based, we will collaborate with a team of clinical expert faculty at Arizona State University (ASU). The ASU team has a history of crafting popular, relevant and high-quality programming on some of the toughest topics in health care, aptly named We Need to Talk-Tough Conversations in Health Care. In the proposed partnership, the ASU team would collaborate with key stakeholders at HonorHealth, including clinical experts, residents and fellows, to produce six original podcasts delivered every two months in the 2020 calendar year focused on high priority health care topics. Each podcast would consist of background information on the topic, interviews with experts, and an engaging interprofessional discussion. Topics based on principles of health systems science and built from Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) program priority areas. The production of high-quality podcasts would require podcast quality sound equipment, editing, and an experienced podcast producer. Furthermore, these podcasts could incorporate a closed, social media platform where learners could safely discuss ideas, engage in interprofessional dialogue, share articles, thought pieces and events relevant to the topics. (figure 2). Outcomes: ASU faculty experts (Swapna Reddy, JD, MPH; Gregory Mayer, MD; Adrienne White, MS) in collaboration with experts from within the HonorHealth system will deliver a 6-part, evidence-based podcast series for residents, fellows, and clinical faculty. HonorHealth will investigate CME opportunities through HonorHealth Library Services.
Effective start/end date8/15/208/14/21


  • HonorHealth Foundation: $24,005.00


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