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Improving Disability Communications Improving Disability Communications The proposed training would provide hands-on disability communication training to public information officers, public relations professionals and journalists in Arizona. The training would consist of two workshops: the first of which would be designed for public relations officers within the Arizona Department of Economic Security, which has expressed a need for such training and a willingness to participate. The second and larger workshop would include communications professionals from other state agencies as well as practicing media and communications professionals. The workshops would assist these professionals as they communicate with the public via text, social media and electronic media. Specifically, it would help them identify and encourage them to pursue relevant and important topics, present content across platforms in accessible ways, employ accurate and non-stigmatizing language in their communication and build bridges with the disability community. Disability Inclusion and Awareness Training I) First-year summmy - The National Center on Disability and Journalism conducted two disability communications workshops in 2018 to educate public information officers, public relations professionals and journalists in Arizona. A half-day workshop was held on the Ability360 Campus in April, and a full day workshop was held at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in late September. Attendees at both workshops learned to identify and pursue relevant and important disability topics, present content through accessible platforms, and employ accurate and non-stigmatizing language in their communications. Approximately 80 people attended the two workshops. In surveys, I 00 percent of respondents who attended the full day workshop stated they felt more comf01table communicating about disability as a result of the training and would recommend the workshop to their co-workers or peers. 2) Proposed Training - The NCDJ would conduct a half-day training in Tucson, Arizona, in the fall of 2019. The goal of the training would be to increase disability inclusion and awareness among media professionals, including both journalists and communications specialists, in southern Arizona. The NCDJ would pa1tner with staff from Ability360 and the ADD PC to teach classes on the following topics: disability language and tenninology; online accessibility; and interviewing and interacting with people who live with disabilities. The NCDJ anticipates 20 to 25 people would attend the training, which would be highly interactive in nature.
Effective start/end date3/27/183/26/20


  • US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS): $25,190.00


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