Implementing the Hydroclimatic Index in Short and Long Term Drought Forecasting within the Colorado River Basin

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As a final step aimed at maximizing stakeholder use of the MBDI we are hoping to enhance internet delivery of the new drought monitoring tool by adding stakeholderdriven applications and information gleaned through MBDI workshops. The stakeholder workshops are being financed through a complimentary project funded by NOAA. The workshops will include feedback on internet delivery of the MBDI in terms of ideas for best catering to the operational needs of stakeholders within the CRB. We are asking the USBR to supplement the current project with additional funds to incorporate stakeholder needs to an enhanced web site for internet delivery of the MBDI. In making this request, we propose the following tasks: For nearly two years we have partnered with the USBR on a project that aims to improve drought monitoring and forecasting in the Colorado River Basin (CRB) region of the southwestern United States. At the heart of the project is the concept of a hydroclimatic index (now referred to as the Moisture Balance Drought Index (MBDI)) for representing hydroclimatic variability. At the outset, the primary goal was to produce a drought monitoring product that more comprehensively represents drought and depicts conditions on a higher spatial resolution than what is presently used in drought monitoring within the CRB. Highlights of our progress include
Effective start/end date6/4/0712/31/10


  • DOI-USBR: Lower Colorado Region (LCR): $50,441.00


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