Immigration Reform and Farm Labor Shortages

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Immigration Reform and Farm Labor Shortages Immigration Reform and Farm Labor Shortages The aim of the project is to examine the effect of immigration reform and changes in minimum wage policy on the farm labor market in the US agricultural sector. Arizona State University (Dr. Richards) will be responsible for downloading, organizing, and cleaning the National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) data, deriving testable hypotheses from the theory of optimal labor search-and-matching, specifying an econometric model of labor shortages, and estimating and interpreting the model. Dr. Richards will also be primarily responsible for drafting the manuscript that will be drawn from this part of the research project. He will also assist with the experimental component based at Cal Poly, and the minimum-wage element based at Cornell University. . The intended deliverable from all phases of the project will be a series of peer-reviewed publications targeting economic policy journals (American Economic Journal, or similar), general economics journals (American Economic Review, or similar), and agricultural economics journals (American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics or similar). The minimum standard for all deliverables will be peer-reviewed journal articles.
Effective start/end date7/1/195/31/22


  • USDA: National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA): $140,000.00


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