III Core Small: Collaborative Research: Mining and Optimizing Ad Hoc Workflows

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For this subaward of the NSF IIS project #0915438, entitled Mining and Optimizing Ad Hoc Workflows we will perform the following technical task: Developing techniques for analyzing the relationships among persons involved in ad hoc workflows. We have analyzed how to evaluate the expertise awareness of an agent participated in a workflow. An exclusive framework is developed to evaluate the performance of a node in the network using a virtual workflow execution simulation engine [ASONAM 2010, PersDB 2011]. To analyze the performance of an individual agent in depth, we identified that the performance of an agent depends on its awareness of the expertise of other interacting agents. In other words, the performance of a node should depend on its edges. We plan to analyze the edges in the network, identify strong links and weak links, analyze the relationships between the edge performance and node performance, and discover insights about network performance with respect to workflows execution. For this objective of the project, PI Yi Chen will supervise two PhD students at ASU who are currently working on this project and prefer to work with the PI as thesis advisees remotely from ASU. The students will have close communication with PI, including weekly regular meetings via skype and meetings-on-demand whenever needed, Google chat, and email.
Effective start/end date12/24/128/31/13


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $45,319.00


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