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ICorps Sites: Arizona State University Startup Mill Arizona State University Startup Mill Overview This I-Corps Site at Arizona State University (ASU) will bring together resources, infrastructure, and training to support multiple, local teams across the four ASU campuses to advance technology concepts into the marketplace. This I-Corps Site program will support the larger ASUs Startup Mill project that is focused on building the innovation capacity of ASU, while contributing to the regional and national economy through technology commercialization and the development of the next generation of innovators. ASUs I-Corps Site will be a university-wide initiative a collaborative partnership among the ASU colleges and institutes, the technology transfer office and the external entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide training, coaching, and financial support necessary to catalyze faculty and student efforts for transitioning university research into the marketplace, and into becoming successful I-Corps Teams. Supported by the I-Corps Site project (which will be focused on early stage development), ASU Startup Mill will combine the high research activity of the largest and fastest growing university in the nation (by enrollment and research expenditures) with the rapidly advancing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the metropolitan area of Phoenix, Arizona, and the excellent technology transfer services at ASU and its satellite office in Santa Monica, California. Entrepreneurial training: ASU I-Corps Site will synergize existing resources and services at ASU to deliver I-Corps training and support services that embed the customer-development focused Lean LaunchPad (LLP) curriculum (accelerated version of Stanford Universitys LLP course) used in the NSF I-Corps Teams program. ASU will assemble I-Corps teaching teams that are trained in LLP, experienced mentors and executives, along with supplemental support services to advance teams and startups. Regional infrastructure: ASU I-Corps Site will leverage the extensive regional network in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area to support startups, including existing entrepreneurs and Executives-in-Residence, an extensive mentor network, regional and university angel groups, and relationships with investors. The Site will also connect with the regional innovation ecosystem surrounding ASUs technology transfer satellite office in Santa Monica, CA to provide additional support to the Site teams. Intellectual Merit. The ASU I-Corps Site will provide a unique opportunity to advance the innovation capacity of university faculty, students, and researchers through formal training, practice, and repeated exposure to an NSF-sponsored entrepreneurship program. By disseminating, internalizing, and executing the NSF I Corps Site program over the course of the 3-year funding period, the ASU Startup Mill will significantly contribute to the culture transformation of ASU to include an embedded commercialization perspective. In addition, the implementation of the I Corps Site program will include systematic evaluation of opportunities to adapt and augment the I-Corps model such that it promotes the inclusion and recruitment of underrepresented populations. Specifically, ASU will focus on inclusion and recruitment of veterans, Latino, and women participants in the program. Appropriate adaptations will be dynamically integrated and shared, thus enhancing the performance of the ASU I-Corps Site as well as advancing the overarching NSF objectives for the I-Corps program. Broader Impacts. The ASU I-Corps Site provides a unique opportunity to expand the NSF I-Corps impact in the southwest region to the largest and fastest growing public research-intensive university in the nation with over $448 million in active NSF-funded projects at ASU within the last three years alone. This expansion will enable considerable advancement of the regional and national innovation capacity given the scope of NSF funded research at ASU. In addition, by virtue of the diverse nature of faculty and student body of ASU, the I-Corps Site will unequivocally enhance the impact and diversity of participation of faculty and students in the NSF I-Corps program, supporting NSFs commitment towards increasing diversity and growth of underrepresented populations.
Effective start/end date5/1/164/30/21


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $296,624.00


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