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HUD: Livable Phoenix HUD: Livable Phoenix The primary activities of this project consist of transit district planning which will integrate city-wide policy, stakeholder inputs, market conditions, emerging research and area capacities to create a comprehensive development plan that outlines a 30-year vision for each of five identified transit districts, and then enacts regulatory reforms and identifies improvement and investment actions necessary to achieve the vision. Through a synthesis of performance-based and participatory planning processes, mixed-use density within the five districts will be increased in contextually sensitive ways while revitalizing and preserving the existing stable neighborhoods. Form-based, greendesign, and transition-zone practices will be utilized to reinforce community-valued place-making elements, promote sustainable architecture, and mitigate land-use conflicts. Infrastructure and investment projects needed to improve livability within each district, including complete streets, shade, trees, pedestrian connectivity, stormwater management and open spaces will be identified. Pilot projects for affordable housing, economic development, thermal comfort improvement, and connectivity will be designed and implemented to test policies and regulations and also facilitate future capital investment planning. ASUs role in this project focuses on community engagement, capacity building, health assessments, and connectivity and green design. Tasks specific to ASU are outlined below.
Effective start/end date6/1/1212/31/14


  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): $587,077.00


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