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Hitachi Software Agreement Hitachi Software Agreement The purpose of the research is to study the feasibility of identifying single DNA bases with STM, by partly repeating the experiments described in the article titled Identifying single bases in a DNA oligomer with electron tunneling, written by the researchers at ASU, and published in Nature Nanotechnology, (2010) 5, 868. The scope of the research to be performed at the Institution is outlined as follows. 1. By using the Materials provided by ASU, probes and substrates will be functionalized with the Materials. A STM system equipped with the probes and substrates will be prepared. 2. By using the STM system, tunneling current will be measured for 4 kinds of DNA monomer samples in buffer solution. The peak height distributions will be evaluated. Data obtained with bare probes will serve as the negative control.
Effective start/end date2/29/129/30/12


  • INDUSTRY: Foreign Company: $31,875.00


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