High Performance Low Power Radiation Hardened by Design Microprocessor Techniques

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The proposed research will advance state-of-the-art radiation hardened embedded microprocessors, having key characteristics as follows: a. Single Event Error (SEE) rates compatible with control processor functions (10-4 errors/day or better for core circuitry). b. A commercially supported tool chain c. A reasonable approach for marketing the product to potential users as Intellectual Property embedded into chips and systems. d. Portability to various semiconductor processes, including at least one source in the Trusted Foundry program. The proposed effort will also advance and disseminate knowledge on how to best create flexibly usable radiation hardened microprocessors and other embeddable Intellectual Property, and make it available to chip designers and system developers.
Effective start/end date8/14/0712/28/12


  • DOD-USAF: Air Force Research Labs (AFRL): $1,637,673.00


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