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Heber Wild Horse Territory Collaboration Heber Wild Horse Territory Collaboration The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests (ASNFs) is engaged with multiple partners to help design and initiate a collaborative process in order to create an effective way for people with diverse interests and perspectives to provide input into the planning process for developing a management plan for the Heber Wild Horse Territory on the Black Mesa Ranger District. Arizona State Universitys School of Sustainability (ASU) has committed to enter into an agreement with the ASNFs to convening a collaborative working group to help provide a setting for collaborative deliberations and dialogue and convene a balanced working group, representative of affected interests involved in the HWHT planning process. ASU will provide appropriate staff support for meetings management, sponsor collaborative activities, and encourage group participation to problem solve issues related to the developing a management plan for the HWHT. The project is expected to occur in three phases. The first phase is for collaborative process design and development of related documents and strategies. During this phase a collaborative process concept and communication strategy will be developed by the Forest Service, ASU, the facilitation team (Southwest Decision Resources) and partner state agencies. Once developed ASU and the facilitation team will identify and invite interested parties and appropriate representatives to participate on the collaborative working group; reflective of a broad range of perspectives related to the issues to be addressed during the planning process. The third pase of the project is to convene the collaborative working group. The collaborative process is expected to be complete or have made significant progress within a one-year timeframe to provide recommendations for the ASNF to develop a proposed action for environmental planning under National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
Effective start/end date4/26/179/30/19


  • USDA: Forest Service (FS): $7,725.00


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