Health Insurance Feasibility Study for Afghanistan

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Health Insurance Feasibility Study for Afghanistan Health Insurance Feasibility Study for Afghanistan Work plan Our 5-month operational plan is broken into four phases: start-up (Pre-Phase); assessment and planning (Phase One); detailed analysis (Phase Two); and active technical assistance, training, and capacitybuilding (Phase III). HEFD will be engaged throughout the study for institutionalization of processes and results and recommendations. In the Pre-Phase (weeks 1-2), we will fully staff up; formally initiate collaborations with MoPH/HEFD and other national agencies; execute sub-awards and consultant contractual agreements, as applicable; and establish the projects M&E framework. In Phase One (weeks 3-8), we will fully explore the context and understand the history of health financing in Afghanistan through sensitization sessions, stakeholder analysis, literature review, and informational meetings. In Phase One, we will work with the HEFD to propose potential financing options for the country, while describing the trade-offs and feasibility of each. Based on our assessment in Phase One, we will recommend 3-4 feasible health financing options for detailed exploration and examination in Phase Two. To accomplish this, in Phase Two (weeks 9-16) we will conduct a willingness-to-pay study that will include focus group discussions with beneficiaries and household survey, conduct financial analyses of potential benefits packages using simulation models, and examine specific components of insurance models to assess the feasibility and appropriateness for potential models given the context in Afghanistan. The investigation undertaken in Phase Two will allow us to present our recommendations to the Government of Afghanistan in a detailed manner. To build the capacity of HEFD/MoPH in managing a health insurance plan, conducting a feasibility study, and applying actuarial models for health insurance, training will be delivered at full scale in Phase Three (weeks 17-20). At the end of Phase Three, we will present findings and recommendations to the Government of Afghanistan, including a roadmap for implementation of those recommendations.
Effective start/end date12/4/137/7/14


  • US Agency for International Development (USAID): $1,052,398.00


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