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GSTC Los Angelas County Destination Assessments The Global Sustainable Tourism Council Los Angeles County Destination Assessments The GSTC Destination Assessment V2 is a tool for destination organizations to identify risk areas and opportunities for applying the GSTC Criteria to destination level stewardship. Utilizing the framework of the GSTC Destination Assessment V2, Dr. Bricker and her team, with the active participation of County representatives and stakeholders, will assemble and evaluate the County and document destination stewardship initiatives using the GSTC Destination Criteria, V2 framework. The GSTC Framework includes for key areas of sustainable tourism development: A - Demonstrate sustainable destination management B - Maximize economic benefits to the host community and minimize negative impacts C - Maximize benefits to communities and culture; minimize negative impacts D - Maximize benefits to the environment and minimize negative impacts This assessment will contribute to a county-level systematic review, by applying the GSTC Criteria to improve destination sustainability and inform strategic stewardship opportunities. This level of assessment will assist LA Tourism in understanding how to systematically apply the GSTC Criteria to improve destination sustainability. As part of short- and long-term benefits of the assessment, LA Tourism can expect to: Benefit from GSTC expert analysis of the destination, and customized recommendations. Build capacity among stakeholders in the GSTC Criteria and sustainable destination management. Learn the destination's current sustainability status according to the GSTC Criteria. Inform action needed for sustainability and stewardship planning and project work. Catalyze decision-maker support for a destination sustainability agenda. Initiate focused training and educational tools. Use the Criteria as a baseline for monitoring and evaluation of destination performance. Identify specific initiatives within LA County that may represent champions of destination stewardship. Identify challenges and areas that may be prioritized in statewide strategic tourism and resiliency planning. Illuminate a baseline tourism stewardship region-level status according to the GSTC Destination Criteria, and which may be used to leverage within the destination stewardship strategic planning processes.
Effective start/end date1/5/2311/30/23


  • Global Sustainable Tourism Council: $27,299.00


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