GOALI: Microscale fundamentals of sweat evaporation

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GOALI: Microscale fundamentals of sweat evaporation GOALI: Microscale fundamentals of sweat evaporation This proposal aims to measure the microscale dynamics of human sweat evaporation and identify the main underlying physical mechanisms. While evaporation has been rigorously studied in various contexts, sweating presents a unique set of complexities (e.g., textured and soft exterior skin surface with varied gland density and activity). To systematically understand the contribution of these factors, we propose a two-pronged transdisciplinary approach that merges physiological and engineering perspectives. First, we will develop a new method that integrates ventilated capsule sweat rate measurements used routinely in physiology with multimodal imaging. Specifically, we will use fast macro videography (60-120 Hz), midwave infrared thermography that yields moderately fast surface images (5-25 Hz), and optical coherence tomography that produces slower (~0.3 Hz) 3D images of external as well as internal structures (e.g., resolves spiral sweat ducts in epidermis). We will use this non-invasive method to simultaneously measure sweat evaporation rate and visualize the corresponding microscale sweat dynamics at three skin sites. We will study these processes under neutral, moderate, and strong thermal stimuli that we assert will induce out-of-pore, dropwise, and filmwise sweating modes. Second, we will determine the contributions of various factors to sweat evaporation through experimentation and modeling employing the same method but with artificial sweating surfaces with gradually increasing complexity.
Effective start/end date8/1/227/31/25


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $453,742.00


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