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Globalizing Research and Teaching of American Literature Globalizing Research and Teaching of American Literature Arizona State University (ASU) proposes to establish a University Partnership with Kinnaird College for faculty and students in English and American literature. The partnership will create an academic, research, and knowledge exchange that will help to empower Pakistani women in academia and in society. Over the last fifty years, the worldwide impact of American literary and cultural production has expanded rapidly, and at the same time it has become increasingly diverse, now encompassing the dynamic multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and gendered character of American life. The proposed partnership will: a) create a culture of research collaboration through individualized action planning and mentoring that will lead Kinnaird scholars to participate in leading U.S. professional conferences and to submit research papers to peer-reviewed journals; 2) employ innovative pedagogies to assess and enhance the American literature curriculum at Kinnaird, and to revise and create new courses that incorporate diverse media, contrasting genres, and develop the role of literature in teaching English as a foreign language; 3) advance the field of American literature through new comparative and thematic approaches engendered by shared dialogue and collaboration; and 4) establish a system of shared resources that include electronic access to the ASU library system, enhanced library resources at Kinnaird, and the use of new technologies for teaching and research . This four-fold approach will strengthen the structures of both institutions, empower Kinnaird women to become agents for fostering new academic outlooks and standards in Pakistan, and open the door to women to become leaders in Pakistani academia. This advancement would effect true change and continue well beyond the life of the grant. The three year project is composed of a series of rotating exchanges that build on each other during the length of the program. The total anticipated cost is $997,922.
Effective start/end date9/10/1312/31/18


  • US Department of State (DOS): $997,922.00


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