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Globalized Education Initiative- India (GEI-India) Globalized Education Initiative- India (GEI-India) Proposed Program: A 12-month engagement comprised of 5 distinct components that builds networks, knowledge and supports Indian institutions through planning and execution of their internationalization strategy. Components include: Step 1: Application and Media Planning; Step 2: Closed cohort MOOC and Capacity Survey; Step 3: Webinar, Conference and Institutional Readiness Survey; Step 4: Refinement and Communication on Progress; Step 5: Full assessment of progress Nature of Activity: Hybrid cohort-based learning program utilizing a flipped classroom model of virtual knowledge acquisition followed by an in-person design session producing internationalization plans for each participating institution. Implementation, measurement and assessment of progress will follow, concluding with in-person and web-based assessments. Periodic reporting and dissemination of lessons learned and best practices will be shared through web and social channels to drive broader application into the public community. 5. Funding Level: Requested from Bureau: $75,957; Total program cost: $127,004; Cost sharing from Arizona State University: $52,047 6. Scope and Goals: Through closed-cohort online learning, guided design sessions and targeted plans of action, ASU will help to build the capacity of Indian universities to engage in building future readiness around organizational structures, programs and services for internationalization. Objectives: Build a 12-month closed-cohort experience for approximately 40 Indian institutions to create a community committed to internationalization Develop an India-specific best practices guide Provide an India-specific internationalization framework and guide participating institutions through the planning process Track and assess plan implementation throughout the 12 month project period. Disseminate best practices through the US and India community and encourage others to share their experiences. Provide PAS- New Delhi the final assessment on progress that provides both quantitative and qualitative measurements of impact
Effective start/end date9/30/199/30/20


  • DOS: US Mission to India: $63,969.00


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