Gaming SMALLAB: a game-like approach to embodied learning

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Gaming SMALLAB: a game-like approach to embodied learning Gaming SMALLAB: a game-like approach to embodied learning This proposal outlines a research framework for the design of game-based learning within SMALLab, a mixed-reality environment developed by researchers at ASU. A suite of standardsbased learning scenarios will be developed through collaboration between the K-12 Embodied and Mediated Learning group at ASU, led by David Birchfield and The Institute of Play, led by Katie Salen. The learning scenarios will be designed for use in three learning sites: The Game School, a proposed 6-12th grade small school in New York City, which is scheduled to open in fall 2009, with a 6th grade class; Coronado High School (Scottsdale, AZ), an ongoing partnership; and The Arizona Science Center (Phoenix, AZ), as a second phase for the initiative. The project aims to harness strategic thinking around game design and embodied playas an innovative curricular and learning paradigm, and actively seeks to integrate this understanding into both formal (The Game School; Coronado High School) and informal (The Arizona Science Center) environments. The project will build directly on new pedagogy and assessment models currently being developed across the research network of MacArthur Digital Media and Learning grantees, targeting changes in the way kids are learning, constructing identity, making decisions, collaborating, participating, and creating. Both partnering organizations contributed to this proposal. More information about the two principle investigators is given at the end of this document, but below is a summary of their organizations.
Effective start/end date7/1/081/31/11


  • MacArthur Foundation: $590,000.00


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