Game-Infused Girls and Women Signature Program

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Game-Infused Girls and Women Signature Program Game-Infused Girls and Women Signature Program ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY Project Narrative Prof. Sasha Barab The ASU Center for Games and Impact is committed to working with Intel to build an impactful vision for using games to advance the Women and Girls Signature program. Toward this end, we will engage in a series of processes and analyses to produce a proposal that is grounded in Intel impact goals, focused on community needs, reflective of the state of the field, and leverages our existing strengths to produce an impactful vision and way forward. In particular, we will carry out the following: Needs Analysis analyzing the intended audience, including demographics, psychographics, and other relevant factors to truly understand their needs. Intel Content Analysis - determining what existing Intel content can and should be game infused, and as part of the final offering. Landscape Analysisinvestigation on other games in this space and relevant takeways from those games to determine a differentiating or impact factor(s) for . Technology Analysiswhat technology tools can be used to deliver the best product for Intel. These analyses will be used to produce an Opportunity Analysis Recommended path(s) to leverage Intels assets in this spacewhat are the best opportunities in which to take advantage Identify processes to be used Identify project and milestones Outline deliverables for the gaming project overall Clarify partners such as Thunderbird, and how we might work together Recommend implementation models
Effective start/end date6/10/139/9/13


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