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GAANN Fellowships in Applied Mathematics in the Life and Social Sciences GAANN Fellowships in Applied Mathematics in the Life and Social Sciences Arizona State University, through its Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center (MCMSC) seeks four single discipline GAANN Fellowships for the Applied Math in the Life and Social Sciences (AMLSS) Ph.D. to address the underrepresentation of minorities and other groups (females, persons with disabilities), in the field of (applied) mathematics. Funding this program guarantees access and success via a most effective recruitment and retention program, coupled with individualized road maps, to four financially-needy students dreaming of becoming the best teachers, mentors, and researchers in the land. These four Ph.D.s. will serve as powerful role models to individuals raised in communities underrepresented in mathematics higher education. Our unique community mentorship model and long-term support system guarantees the success of these four mathematical scientists. The success of these four individuals will inspire URMs and URGs to pursue careers in mathematics. Our model of mentorship also provides the tools and knowledge needed by our alumni to mentor mathematical scientists. MCMSC Executive Director Dr. Castillo-Chavez will lead the effort: his teaching, research and mentoring credentials and his documented history of leading successful recruiting, retaining, and mentoring URMs and URGs in Ph.D. programs in applied mathematics at two institutions, are unequalled. The record of our four-year old AMLSS Ph.D. program provides the best measure of the likelihood of success for this program. The recruitment, mentorship and retention model pioneered by MTBI (founded in 1997) from high school, via the Joaquin Bustoz Math Science Honor Program (JBMSHP) for economically disadvantaged students, to the postdoctoral level [programs recognized by the White House in 1996, 1997, 2002, and 2011] provide the structure needed by the AMLSS Ph.D. program, founded summer 2008, to meet goals and objectives of this proposal.
Effective start/end date8/16/128/15/17


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $408,315.00


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