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FY19 AY20-21 Summer 2021 CIOC Delivery Online Course: Creating and Implementing Online Courses Background: The Awardee will provide technical assistance in the form of online instruction that helps achieve the prime award purpose of offering online professional development opportunities for approximately 3,000 English language educators worldwide while promoting the sharing of U.S. culture and values through the active application of the most recent English language teaching methods and techniques and providing access to U.S. experts with whom participants would not otherwise have the opportunity to interact. The awardee will provide this assistance for a fixed fee established for the program that includes assigning and supervising qualified TESOL instructors to provide 8 weeks of online instruction for two sections of the course (50 participants). The awardee will designate a term lead to be the first point-of-escalation for instructor questions, and to ensure that all members of the instructional team follow course delivery guidelines disseminated and complete the activities outlined in the course startup checklist . The term lead will coordinate with the instructional team to ensure that PERS Reports are completed by the established deadlines and according to the course delivery guidelines, that reports are completed and submitted by deadlines, and that the instructional team confirms grades to the term lead prior to the due date for confirmation to . Goal and Objectives: a. The goal of this award is to support online professional development opportunities for English language educators worldwide in support of the foreign policy goal of promoting mutual understanding between Americans and the people of other countries and share U.S. culture and values through application of the most recent language teaching methods and techniques by providing direct access to U.S. experts. b. Objectives i. Increase access of non-native English-speaking professionals to high-quality professional development opportunities and open educational resources; ii. To build the capacity of English teaching professionals to effectively teach English, train others, disseminate knowledge and positively impact the field of TESOL in their home countries, thereby multiplying the impact of the OPEN Program; iii. To increase understanding of U.S. society, culture and values and provide opportunities for OPEN participants to share aspects of their culture, society and values with American citizens and participants from other countries.
Effective start/end date5/24/2110/15/21


  • DOS: Bureau Of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA): $32,194.00


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